Aligh local pivot

Good day. How to align the local orientation of the object as in a maya? In the maya you can hold down d and just click on the polygon to align. In this case, all three axes will be perfectly aligned with the polygon. In the blender, it turns out that only the Z axis is aligned, and YX are not aligned correctly with respect to the polygon. On the screen the pivot transform addon is used, but the result is not the same as in a maya. In version 2.81, too, it will not be possible to achieve the same alignment as in a maya through affect only origin. Thanks you.

in maya

It’s more cumbersome to do in Blender. Snapping seems to only care about Z axis direction (a bit like Maya’s “orient” function does with X axis). After snapping origin position to the face, enter edit mode, select the face, and in the Transform Orientations dropdown click the “+” to create a new orientation. Then leave edit mode, and (with Origin Only still turned on) do the Object -> Transform -> Align to Transform Orientation. After that you can turn off Origin Only and delete the custom orientation using the same dropdown.

Does this method not work in the version 2.8?

No, that’s for 2.81 since 2.8 doesn’t have Origin Only. In 2.8 without any add-ons (I think there are a few for this but I haven’t used any) what you can do is snap and align an Empty like that, parent the object to that Empty, reset Empty’s transforms, then unparent with Keep Transform and finally apply the rotation. And if you want to preserve the original orientation you’ll have to stash it from the Empty before resetting, and then copy it back. It’s a quest :slight_smile:

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Maybe this addon helps. It mimics Maya Pivot transform tool and can transform Origin and 3D Cursor on a fly.