Align a MESH to the XYZ ANGLES of a specific FACE

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I’m trying to create portals for an aircraft and I’m attempting to place the glass windows within circular Booleans that are cut into the frame of the aircraft. As I’m still modelling I don’t intend on applying the Booleans any time soon.

My issue is that I cannot precisely align the window mesh to the exact angle of the corresponding face that frames it. I’ve searched Google and BlenderArtists, and people seem to be asking the same question, but upon reading the posts I realize that other artists aren’t actually looking for the same result.

To be clear: I’m looking for any help or a link to a solution for me to align the rotation of a MESH (a circle) to a specific FACE on another Mesh.

Thank you in advance.

There’s a way to do this, not sure if it works for you ( because of booleans etc).

Select a face (in edit mode), hit Shift+Num7, the camera now looks straight “down” at it. In Preferences (Editing->Objects->New Objects) set “Align to” = View. If you add any object in this way it will be exactly aligned with that face.

You can also play with the Transform orientation (top center of the viewport). Set it to View, local, normal or whatever helps you tweak it.

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Worked like a charm!

Thank you so much, you are very much appreciated!