Align an empty to another empty

(Both empties share the same origin) . I knew how to do it 2-3 years ago, but since I take long breaks from modelling I’ve forgotten it. I remember it was simple, though it was an older Blender version, can anyone remind it me?

BTW, 3D view / Object / Transform / Align Objects doesn’t work.

you want to put them in the same object space I am assuming, which can be done from the snapping menu: select empty A >> shift S snap cursor to selected >> select empty B >> shift S snap selected to 3D cursor. also there are copy location and copt rotation constraints.

Thanks, but I’m looking for a ‘permanent’ alignment without using constraints, I don’t want it to be dependent to the other object, as the other object’s state will change.

There were two suggestions there. Does cursor snapping not solve your issue? Or are they already in the same location and you also want them to have the same rotation? State your goals clearly.

Align objects do work with empties, remember to set axis.
Edit: misunderstanding

I’ve already mentioned that they share the same origin, so I need to align their axis too -to the same orientation.

What do you mean ‘set axis’?
The Align Objects menu to select the axis, doesn’t appear at all, if that’s what you mean.

Select the target empty (the one already oriented how you want) and hit ctrl-alt-space to create a custom orientation. Select the other empty (the unaligned) and go to Object>Transform>Align to Transform Orientation.

Add a Copy Rotation constraint then Apply Visual Transforms from the Object menu->Apply, after you delete the constraint.


T-panel bottom and F6.

Thanks, that was simple enough.

Thanks paolo, that was useful to know too, I was wondering how to do this.

I found the hidden menu at the bottom (!) but whatever I select, it doesn’t have any effect on axis alignment.

Remember that ctrl-alt-space shortcut. It will save custom orientations as you make them, so they are reusable within the scene, even if you add more. They all just go to the orientation menu. You can use them like any other orientation (e.g. Global, Local, Normal) for transformations of any kind. Given some of the things I’ve seen you trying to do in the past I think you may find yourself using this quite a bit once you play around with it a few times.

Custom transform orientation (TO) is not needed if using local TO and active element pivot. Select empty to align, shift select empty to align to, alt+comma, alt+space: local, object -> transform -> align to transform orientation.

Thanks Horseman, I’ll keep that in mind -and I can always return to my previous questions if I forget something.

I also find very elegant OrAnge’s solution -very fast and without the need to remember shortcuts . I just had to download the simple_align addon and copy it to the addons folder (then enable it and Save User Settings).

As I’m an optical type, here is the simplest solution suggested, visualized (it also takes care of origin and scale) -thanks OrAnge!

It can also be done with a single click to ‘XYZ’ button.

And that was a classic case of …‘too good to be true’!

It turns out to be buggy, as it behaves erratically in several cases, eg when the target empty with the desired orientation is parented to a mesh object. Fortunately, Horseman’s suggestion works flawlessly (so far).