Align Loop Slice

Hi everyone,
I’m pretty new to blender, having only done some of the beginner tuts on youtube, but trying to model something without a blender tutorial for the first time and have a quick question. Is there a way to create a loop slice that is aligned to a specified axis?

So, I have the following simple geommetry:

And I want to add a new loop slice that runs perfectly vertically through the large central loop:

But when I use loop slice, the loop follows a path somewhere between the left right adjacent loop slices.

If I just simply scaled the new edge loop in the Y axis to 0, it would distort the shape of the polygons. I thought ‘Slide Edge’ might do the trick but it doesn’t seem so.

Any help would be appreciated!

I also struggled with this when learning (and still do xD).

The simplest thing I would do here is this:


You can make as many cuts as you like and it will never mess up your original shape like it does when you move them after cutting. (I used space to get the box I typed ‘knife’ into, just incase you havn’t used it yet)

(If there are better ways I am interested, I tend to just make do when I have found one solution)

Use the knife tool (K) and press C to snap and Z to cut though. Note that the angle snapping of the knife tool depends on the viewing angle.

loop cut and slide (ctrl+R) is two operators in one. The slide portion of the operator has an even option, so it’s not necessary to use edge slide separately and even it out.

Thanks for the tips everyone! I did end up using the knife tool in this case but it’s good to find out as many way’s to do things!

@JA12, I had tried using even mode in loopslice/slide, however it still doesn’t result in a perfectly vertical edge which is why I thought I was misunderstanding what ‘even’ did, but I guess not - thanks!

What JA12 said-- during the loop cut operation, tap “e” to even the cut, and “e” again to align it with the other edge.

Small correction. E aligns and F flips. Options are visible on the header, or could change them afterwards from the operator panel.