Align null to center of camera

Hey all. I have a null object which is linked to my camera so that the cameras focus and direction is on the null. I want to make it so the null is in the dead centre of my camera so that the camera view is perfectly straight. I thought maybe you could use some kind of snap but it doesn’t work and then changing their ocations in the properties panel doesn’t work (they both seems to have widely different locations). Any help would be great

Use Track to constraint on Camera to target your Null. Camera will always point to the Null.

Thanks for that. It is already tracked to the Null I just want it to be aligned to the dead center of the camera. I’ve done it by eye with a little trial and error but if anyone knows of a better way let me know.

Unless you have some kind of wonky offset or something, setting a Track to constraint on the camera is the fastest way to get the camera centered on the Empty (Nulls are called Empties in Blender).

Sorry I may not be explaining my problem correctly. The camera follows a path (the curved line in the picture) and its focus is the empty. I want to line up the final location of the camera so when it is looking at the wall (the top where the empty is), it is completely centred on the wall. Sorry mixing my empty/nulls up cause i’m pretty much new to blender from after effects