Align object array to normals, Help :)!


So I really need to be able to align a certain object to another objects face normals. Like I’ve done here through instancing and parenting.

But I have a question, if I want to be able to randomize the material for each duplicate that’s on the objects normals, how would I do that since its a duplicate? Are there perhaps a better way to do this by geometry nodes or how would you do this?

Most grateful for any help I could get!

Hey there, maybe you need to simplify the questions.

Usually when using something like SVerchok nodes, I would use Matrix Normal or Adaptive Polygons and few other nodes to get the vertex normal or polygon face normal.

From there, you can then find the alignment needed and then pipe the data into Geometry Nodes. That is how I usually do it.

Blender Dupli Instance usually can use the parents normal etc, but Geometry Nodes can do it currently from Scatter Points on surface. Not points normal yet. Unless you use a bit of Math you can sort of get the point normal.

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Hi Enzyme,

Thank you so much for taking your time to answer me, I’m sorry for the kinda “diffuse” question, I’m just stressed out and can’t understand where or what to search for to solve my problem :sleepy:

But I will try to make what I want to achieve as clear as possible:

So in this image, I have the wall in green thing meshes, split in segments of faces with different angles and lengths. What I want to do, is to have a “component” like the champagne brown square, and be able to “scatter” it out all over the walls faces, placing the object right in the center of the faces, and aligning the objects normals so that the scattered object follows on any angles that the wall takes.

The next thing, is that I want to be able to boolean all of this, making perhaps a hole in the middle of everything, but foremost be able to have different material nuances on the scattered objects, like in the image illustrated in pink and blue.

Please tell me if I’m still not clear enough of what I want to achieve, and I will very much try to develop it further.

All the best

Is this what you are looking for? (see gif in the beginning of the thread)

Hi Frostensen,

Thank you for your reply, looks like a great addon.
I just need to be able to learn Sverchok I come to realize. So that I don’t have to rely as much on addons.

If anyone is interested Im getting forward in Sverchok, probably the least advanced thing u can do in Sverchok but for me, its a big step. Se image.
Thank you for all your help :slight_smile: Much appreciated!