Align object to bone without constraints.

I’m looking for a sane way to align object to a bone. To be more specific - a child object parented to a bone, so child location/rotation matches those of a bone.

You have an armature, and you have an Object parented to one of armature’s bones.

Modify object transform in such way that its local XYZ axes and world position perfectly match those of a bone.

This shouldn’t be done with constraints. Meaning object position shouldn’t be in the right place because constraint is enabled.

Practical example:
You have a skeleton with weapon bone, and you have a modeled gun at origin. You need to attach the gun to weapon bone as a child so it snaps properly in the right place.

NORMALLY, in most software this is done by zeroing local transofmraion of a child object. When local transform is set to identity, the child object will perfectly align to a parent. However I don’t exactly see any local transofrmations exposed in blender GUI anywhere, and there’s nothing on the web regarding that. This really should be a one-click or one-hotkey operation.

Ideas? I’m using blender 2.78c on windows 7 64bit.

Either I’m missing something incredibly obvious, or there’s a huge oversight.