Align objects by faces

This works like magic! I love it, thank you so much.

Nice addon^^
We were developing 3DMATCH tool for such things

Are the 1D_script tool officially released ?

Thank you very much

Thanks! Installed and added it to my pie menus, which mean I include it in my workflow.

How can i add this to a pie menu or hotkey?

Oh, I use Pie Menu Editor, which is another blender addon (paid).

Ok, i have that too. But i have no idea, how i can add the script to a pie menu. Can you tell me how i can do that?

Pie Menu Editor has a few ways to add almost any Blender feature to a custom menu or pie. One of those ways is to simply right click on the button that that contains the feature you like and choose “Pie Menu Editor” > choose which menu to assign it to. Pretty simple. I don’t have time to explain in more detail at the moment, sorry. :slight_smile: If you can’t manage it, ask in the PME thread

The developer and other users are very helpful.

Does anyone have a version working on 2.90 of this addon?
Mesh Align Plus is not working at all.