Align objects evenly spaced on a path for animation

Hi guys,

I am trying to create some animations for a Lasershow => youtube[dot]com/watch?v=8RRBbXmCR2g

So what I want do do is align several circles evenly spaced on a bigger circle path and make them follow it.

My only problem is how I could manage to align them on the path. Do you have any ideas?

Blender File: ubuntuone[dot]com/p/afV/

I had to change the URLs cause the forum wouldnt let me post any


You may:

  1. Create the smallest and largest circles and place them at a distance corresponding to the length of the path;
  2. Object>Blend>Options>Specified steps, set the value to the total number less two;
  3. Object>Blend>Make;

Repeat 2) & 3) until the distance is right, create a copy just in case;

  1. Object>Blend>Expand and Ungroup;
  2. Object>Blend>Options>Specified steps, set the value to 1;
  3. Object>Blend>Make, create a copy just in case (now you have too many, but not for long);
  4. Select the path (spiral) and Object>Path; Add Anchor Points many times (you will see whether you have enough in 9));
  5. Select 6) and 7) and Object>Blend>Replace Spine;
  6. Object>Blend>Expand and Ungroup, and delete every second circle, Undo 9) and 8) and add more Anchor Points in 7) if needed (too few will result in different distances);
  7. Enjoy.

If you have no way of seeing the path length in your version, you may download and use the free PathLegth (and/or PathArea).

It is impossible to make it, but it is possible to fake it.

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