Align Objects MISSING

Recently started using Blender 2.83 and just now I noticed the Align Objects is missing. When I select one object and then the other one and then go Object->Transform from the menu bar at the top, it’s missing. There’s no Align Objects as it used to be. Instead, there’s “Align Selected to Active”, but when I do that the menu that used to pop up in the left down corner with more options is missing. I tried with search and it still doesn’t find it. I’m I blind or the tool has been moved to someplace else? Please help.

So I found what causes the problem. For some reason I had the “Align Tools” add-on activated. I don’t know if I activated it by accident or something, but this is what was causing the “Align Objects” option to disappear and to be replaced with another tool. Hopefully, other people can find this post if they have the same issue.