Align Text Objects

Hey guys. I was wondering if there is a way to align text objects in the Game Engine. I know there are buttons for this, but they do not work in realtime. They just revert to being aligned to the left. Is there a way to do this? Or would it be best to just write a script to do it?

I believe at this tim the only way to do it is with scripting. The justification buttons dont work in the GE.

you can also make this with “track to” actuators (if the camera is ever the same)
with the camera as target

but must change the value properties/object/animation hacks: (for the text obj)

traking axis : +Z
up Axis : +Y

which seem wrong as default

Can you explain how you could do this with track to actuators?

He’s meaning point to the camera. You’re meaning centred text. You can’t do it with track-to actuators.

Blendzo had a script that separated text into two strings, each half of the text. This allowed rather clumsy centred text.

I assume to do it you wound have to get the lenght of your text str in characters. Then position your text by x - half the lenght. Or something like that.