Align the 3D cursor or origin on edges?

Is there a way to align the 3D cursor or origin on the edges that the object is already rotated?

You mean Set Origin?

Go into Edit Mode, select the edge or vertex you want to use as new origin. Hit space bar, select Snap Cursor to Selected. Exit Edit Mode, space bar again, Set Origin > Origin to 3D Cursor.

Here, Snap Cursor to Selected is under SHIFT+S. (2.82a)

Set Origin is available in Object Mode, under “Object” menu.

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Can u be more specific on what do you mean by aligning the origin? If u want 2 rotate the cursor then in object mode select the cursor tool enable snapping with rotation and move your cursor to the desired place. Hope this helps.

Did you try it with “Snap Selection to Cursor”? There is a problem with that.
First you can align the 3dCursor onto existing edges. And the 3dCursor will be rotated itself.
Then with “Snap Selection to Cursor” you can snap objects to the cursor, but the rotation of the snapping object won’t be aligned to the cursors rotation.
But is a planned feature.

For new new objects this is possible though. You can activate that in the preferences

And you can snap to geometry as Jon already said:

I set it to faces here but it’s also available with snap to edges


Thanks for the heads up! I mapped all “snap to” functions to my mouse’s extra buttons since 2.7x and must admit I felt a bit lazy about checking the current standard shortcuts.

Sorry, I wasn’t clear. Let’s say a plane is slanted to 25 degree. The origin’s and 3D cursor’s rotation are set to X,Y,Z to 0 degree. Is there a way to have an origin and 3D cursor to rotate and align to the plane. All plane, origin, and 3D cursor are set to same degree in rotation.

In this image, how do I align on an origin or a grid to the top plane of a cube?

I have found this video, but I still don’t know how to align a 3D cursor on a face.

Still not sure what you want to achieve. Your 2 posts before read slightly different to the third.

If you want the 3dcursor to align to the face or the transform gizmo. You have to set it up like in the animation below. The idea is. You can let the gizmo follow the orientation of the face. And the transform gizmo can orient itself like the cursor.

Sidenote: You may NOT let it refer to the line, like in your screenshot before. The lines normal is unequal to the faces normal. It’s a mix between the topface and the sideface!

That is what I was looking for. Thanks. I was using Modo before, I can align origin by selecting two perpendicular edges,and I also can align a grid on the face of an object. I guess blender has a different way.

Yes it’s different, in the current case partially because the “edge normals” are calculated to be average between the neighboring faces. You can set the transform orientation to normal. What can be helpful in facemode. But with selecting edges this will only work if you split the topface before. Then the edges align with the topface. But that is not really helpful info.

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