Align the VIEW to an object's orientation?

I’m working on a model’s parts which are in various orientations, but there are some groups of objects with the same orientation of the first one. So I need to work on the orientation of the first object until I finish the process of all the parts in each group and trying each time to align the view manually isn’t efficient at all.
It would be also ideal if I could somehow save view alignments so I can check front, side and top views in object’s local space.
Is this science fiction or reality?

In 2.49 there is ‘Align View to Selected’. In 3dview header go to View -> Align View -> Align View to Selected. This one will take you to the local top view of the object.

In 2.5 under the same header menu you can find all the other local views too (top, bottom, left, etc). Only the shortcuts don’t seem to work there

Thank you Sago, I didn’t believe it would be just there on the View menu after I googled for it and found nothing. I should googled after, but I’m a bit stressed because I’m behind schedule. With your answer though I found more tips on this site. Thanks again!