Align to view (Bug, or intended functionality?) 2.53 r31097

0 ) don’t touch the cube
1 ) create an empty
2 ) give it a funky angle, maybe rotate it around x 45 degrees
3 ) with the empty select do : view -> align view to selected -> right

this will tilt the view to match the angle of the empty

4 ) notice the “local coordinate system” for this view has correctly tilted

set the transform orientation from global ( if you had it there ) to View

5 ) use the red arrow to drag a vert of the cube along the new temporary X axis.
that’s fine

6 ) but do a GX2[ENTER] and the direction (although transform was set to View) will still
be the global X, and not the View X

Use G X X 2 Enter

The functionality is described at (2.49, but same in 2.5)

X – global
X X – local

most excellent thank you :slight_smile:

is it time to start diving into the unupdated 2.5 pages, i feel retarded for not checking the older versions first