Align vertices hotkey?

Hello, I’m new to Blender 2.8 (let alone any blender) and I have a question about aligning a selection of vertices. In Max, I have keybinds to quickly allow me to align my vertices to either X, Y, or Z. I am attempting to do the same in Blender, but so far the only way I know to do this is to use the transform tool, choose the X,Y, or Z axis and then hit 0. Nice, but it takes about 3-4 key inputs, and it can be a little messy with the transform.

I’m asking if there is any way to do this with only one shortcut key. Are there any ways to do this in Blender via an addon or something similar?

Thank you for your help!

in blender you can select verts
then Scale X 0

and all verts will aligned along X axis

happy bl

Welcome to Blender, it’s a magical thing :slight_smile: You MIGHT be able to use the Q menu; the Quick Favorites menu, to simplify the process… but you’d still have to use probably three keypresses (Q+Shortcut+0). Quick and easy alignment tools are something Blender lacks slightly, to be honest.

Your solution is what I do, it seems the best option. Also, you can make it even simpler. You don’t have to use a mouse for that process at all- S+(Axis) X/Y/Z + 0 is super fast to do (especially once it gets into your muscle memory :wink: )

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@joseph Hmm. That’s disappointing but hopefully will improve in the future.

In my case I have the Industry Compatible keymap enabled. Currently my method is like this.

Hit R to activate scaling, then middle mouse click to bring up the scale options, then hit X,Y, or Z then 0.

I see your comment about using quick favorites but I don’t think it is quite what I am looking for. Thanks anyway!

Whoa I’m not the only one who want this basic feature.
Align X,Y,Z buttons shouldn’t be hard to be added considering all the great features in blender.

I also hate to take my hand off mouse to simply align vertices in x axis to type s x 0 every time!
Something like Alt 123 to align xyz should be a lot easier and efficient.
Hopefully there’s addon or simple script for this at some point.

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Maybe the looptools addon, flatten. In edit mode right click to bring up a menu, or the side panel (n) under edit.

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I tried that before but the result wasn’t what I expected.
Maybe it’s just my lack of understanding for looptools flatten :sweat_smile:

I actually found machin3 tools align pie do the similar thing.
Only downside for now is it doesn’t work correctly in local mode, so I asked about this to the author.