Align vertices of a face

Hello, im modeling a simple object, it only has some lines that are extruded in, but in the process a coupl of vertices lose the alignment and when i press SHIFT+Z to check it out, the lights and shadows are kind of strange.

So, i need to align every vertex of that face and put the at the same level, can you help me?

Looks like you have ngons in you model you need to triangulate them and then post a wire frame I could help you better then.

Can i use Knife tool to triangulate them?

Now, is there a better way to create those incicions in a that box? im asking in this post because this little extrusions are the ones that are giving me other problems.

I have seen the hard ops add ons but i need to know if theres a different approach to do the same. This kind of lines are in almost evey machine, airplane, mech, etc.


What exactly do you mean by align them all. If you want the plane flat you could rotate the object or select all the vert and scale on the z axis to 0. But the best way to add all those line to your mesh is in the textures not the model its self. That is of course if you will not be viewing the model at that level of detail.

If you post an image of your wireframe, it would be easier to help you.