Align view to selected not working as it should?

I’ve selected some faces that are at an odd angle, and have tried ‘align view to selected’, and it never does anything helpful. It just swings the camera into some awkward angle. Am I doing something wrong?

Anyone? Is this a known bug?

I’m trying to model a non-uniform object that isn’t facing any axis, and am finding it difficult to align anything.

I just tried it and had no problems. I selected a face (or 4 verts) and hit Shift-NumPad 7, which put me normal to the face (looking at it from it’s “top”) Ctrl-Shift-Numpad 7 will flip you around to the opposite side. I assume it’s looking at the direction of the face’s normal for these orientations. If I select more than one face I get the “average” direction of those faces. Shift-Numpad 3 set me looking at the face from the side.

It’s kind of working now, though the angle is flipping on its side for some reason. I think my normals were screwed up. Thanks