Align view

Im not sure if this is my computer or blender, but…
I used to be able to hit SHIFT + 1/3/7 and it would have the opposite effect of 1/3/7 nowit does nothing…
Is this my new comp or an update in blender?

try CTRL instead of shift

thanks it worked…did I miss something or did someone replace my shift key with my ctrl on my old comp?

do you know what would be a good idea? align view to normal and objects local thing. ya… I like the sound of that.

That would be a great idea, scrag! Align to selected face or something.

Blender_nub, not sure what changed for you, it’s always been CTRL on my comp.

Align to selected face or something.

You can do this with Numpad-*, or use shift-V for even more control.

Too cool! Thank you! :smiley: