Aligning a face to a shrink-wrap target, quickly? Best workflow?

I’m following Grant Abbitt’s “Fantasy Castle” tutorials (recommended!) and he re-uses Faces that have Shrinkwrap and Solidify applied to them repeatedly, via Duplicate. It’s slick.

One thing that might make it easier/faster would be a workflow that aligned the Face to the Shrinkwrap target. That is, since I’m moving the Faces around a cylindrical tower, they work best if they are always ‘normal’ or tangent to the tower surface. Now, I don’t expect them to be continuously normal/tangent to the tower, but am just looking for a quick way to rotate them appropriately in the moment.

Hmmm, the 3dCursor often (but not always?) aligns with the projected surface, no? Perhaps there’s a way there…

You might have watched a few times that when you activate/deactivate the shrinkwrap modifier the real geometry is all over place.

This is because when you do transformations vertices go all over the place as planned, however the shrinkwrap applies that effect ontop of your transformations and make these corrections so everything seems perfect.

However if you use an additional technique with 3D cursor transformations, it means that you have a specific effect in mind, and the vertices supposedly will be transformed in a much proper way.

Wouldn’t just using snap to face work in this situation?

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I’m face-palming myself over here: yes of course, with “Align To Target” enabled.


(this is the PRACTICAL way to do it, although “alignment at a distance” would be good also. In this case, SNAP is good because I only have to move the Faces a short, sloppy distance away from the target.)