Aligning all scene objects so that they "start" from same location

Greetings Blender community !

I have been using Blender for more than 6 months and so far I’ve learned a lot.
When I run into a problem I tend to google it or read documentation myself, trying not to bother others. Sadly I’ve run across a problem I can’t seem to find solution for and therefore I have to ask you for help!

It’s a bit harder for me to explain it so please bare with me !

Problem :
I need to have all my objects in scene starting from same Z “location”.

To explain this I made simple improvisation :

Let’s say that my scene has 3 houses of different sizes. Each of those houses has different Z location (up).
I need all those houses to be on equal Z “location” so that I can get this result :

(we can see Y axis here that I used as guideline to make all of them aligned)

(Do note, even tho hey are aligned how I want them to be, Z location is not the same of each object. Therefore I don’t need a way to copy/paste Z location of each object to another as that wouldn’t work)

My scene that needs help has really many objects (roads, houses, rails, benches…) and they are not the same scale, therefore copy/paste Z location does not work as it’s different for each.

How could I align all of my objects in scene to same “start” or rather Z axis so that I get result like this ?

It doesn’t matter where in space they are really, as I’m importing this file to Unity where I can snap complete blend file to terrain, which is why I need all objects to have same “starting” location.

I hope that I managed to explain what I need. I did try to solve this on many different ways but none has worked.

My regards, S.M.

a better blenderhead may come in with a better way :wink:
I would go to edit mode on first object then select bottom face, then cursor to selected
back in object mode set the origin to cursor (shift+ctrl+alt+C )
do the same for others then they can all be set to z woteva you like

hope that helps

You could exploit rigid world physics to drop objects on plane. Lock rotation on z for them before on N panel - will be less trouble.
Change Origin to 3dcursor after they settle down.

Drop to ground is a python plugin which will do exactly that but without having to resort to physics… select all the objects you want to drop… then click on the object you want to drop to… then hit drop to ground


Thank you for great help !

In the end I ended up using all mentioned ways to achieve what I wanted !
I used origin to level out some buildings and I will keep it in mind that it’s one of the ways to do it while modeling further.
I used rigid body to level out furniture in my buildings and plus I can get awesome effect of “abandoned” while doing it, which I want for my project !
In the end, I did use drop to ground script to even out all buildings. It worked fine except for few problems that I had no problems fixing. It’s awesome !

Once again, thank you ! This helped me and saved me from minutes of aligning in Unity engine object by object, it will also save me in future when it comes to modeling.