Aligning and distributing objects. Help

I’ve created a tetrahedron using a cube and merging vertices.
Now I’d like align the object without doing any math.
Once the tetrahedron is rotated the center gets moved a bit. I could transform the origin but I’d like to try this with no math.
I use the point (-1,1,1) (1,-1,1) (1,1,-1) and (-1,-1,-1) on a default cube by merging vertices to make 4 faces.

Now. Is there a way to align and distribute the 4 single tetrahedrons so they are perfectly symmetrical and just touching a single point.

You can do it fairly easily by using the shift S snapping shortcuts move the cursor, snap with offset, snap the cursor to selected, snap with offset and repeat until done.

Another way is to duplicate one tet object to the vertices of an identical one.

But for this particular job - and no other - it’s much faster to do this - scale one tet to2X. In edit mode select all (v, e or f) and subdivide once. Select and delete the four unwanted faces. Use the F key to create the four needed faces. Done.

Wow. I would have never thought of subdividing. That is epic. I need to try to 3d print this with added design and support. I use a Makerbot
I found this tutorial but my Italian is not that good . I’ll search for a tutorial on this topic.