Aligning current Views to be poisitoned Correctly on an axis ( also render question )

Hi , and sorry for such a silly question being both my maiden post and thread , probably more apologetic as it can probably be sorted out by a simple hotkey

I’ve just started using blender and getting to grips with it ok

But I’ve used the middle mouse to change view and although not essential I’ve noticed that whenever I use the numpad keys now to reposition my camera , The view itself is off the axis and not aligned with the grids . Slightly off kilter .

Also is it possible to render particles if theres a mesh behind it , I can for instance render smoke and fire fine without there being any mesh’s positioned behind it . But If I render the full scene with objects behind it ( my fireplace ) the fire itself won’t be visible , yet when I quit the rendering process It shows for a slight moment that it has infact been rendered but isn’t visible

Thanks for your time

Did you press num pad 5? Is your camera aligned ? there are 2 types of views changed by num pad 5. You can press N key to get camera info .

Oh! that looks like the camera.

Thanks for the reply

yeah tried all the view changes , If I use any of the features ( side , end , ortho and so on ) its slightly off kilter , Its no real problem as its easy to compensate for . But sometimes it makes things difficult to line up and I tend to have to use the transform properties to be accurate

This is strange , I ammeded a model from my previous version and it fixed it

Still don’t have a clue about why my particles arn’t being rendered infront of mesh’s . Is it ok If I upload it and someone may have a better idea ?

And its back , was good to have things resting on the axis while it lasted :*(

Yes upload the blend file. Someone can fix it.