Aligning from multiple vertices of mesh - without deformation??

Hello, and very good day to you.
I am using Blender 2.49
Thank you to whomever helps me!!!

I am very very new to Blender 3D and to 3d modeling altogether. I have been trying to figure out how to - perfectly - align one mesh to another without deformation.

Below is an example image of my problem. How can I align the vertices circled in red to the edge marked with a red line - without deforming the mesh?


erh not quite sure exactly what you mean but, A-select all, R- rotate, and just rotate the circle so it lines up with the side. if you have too many vertices, delete 1 off each end, they should line up.

if you screw up your circle, press cntrl-shift-S together, it`ll go back to a sphere. or just press to sphere.

Well, in the case of the circle, I would cut your circle evenly so the end vertices would be on one axis, in the picture shown below. (figure 1)

If you add a circle with an odd number of sides, just rotating it 45 degrees counter-clockwise will reveal its symmetry. (figure 2) [Remember press CTRL+A and apply ‘Rotation to ObData’ to convert your adjusted mesh into the new REAL mesh].

Then press the ‘Snap when CTRL is held’ button in the 3d viewport header (Or press Shift+Tab) To turn on more advanced snapping tools. Some settings will appear beside the ‘snap’ toggle button in the 3d viewport header. Change ‘snapping mode’ to ‘edge’ and ‘snap target mode’ to ‘closest’. Then start moving your circle mesh, making sure to select it near the part of the circle you want to do the snapping. If you move your circle near any edges on another mesh, it will stick to those edges instantly. (figure 3)


Thank you “mrjynx” and “ZombieJohn” for both your answers! I, however, was wondering if there was a way to - PERFECTLY - align one mesh to another at - multiple - vertice points that may or may not share only one common plane.

Below is another example image of my problem. In the picture I am trying to PERFECTLY align the mesh with the three selected vertices to the face directly infront of them. I have worked with the snapping tools and have tried various pivot points and nothing seems to work. Thanks, and the best of wishes to whomever answers!


go into side view, select your points, press S to size, press XYZ depending on which one it is. then press 0 ie the number 0. they should all line up. then you just move them to your cube thing. or snap or whatever the other guy said.
I think thats what you wanted to do

there are good tools in blender for doing any type of alignment.

have a look at this thread:

and this one

Thank you very much “steeve” and “mrjynx” for your answer.
steeve I followed one of your links to this link:
and watched the demo. For some reason, it just clicked how to pivot from one vertice\edge\face of a mesh while using another active vertice\edge\face to snap with.

I had previously tried many combinations of the various snapping tool modes, and pivot points to do this, but nothing seemed to work.

My question must have been rather basic, but I tell ya - I tried… My problem is that I just don’t think very clearly, and I miss simple things.

Thank you both very much!!!

these things are not easy…it takes time to learn how to do it!