Aligning Mesh To Preanimated Armature?

Hi All,

I have a pre-aniamted armature.

I have imported my OBJ file and I need to scale and align the mesh to the armature. The problem is that when I put the armature in edit mode, I can not select my mesh to move it into position. If I take the armature out of edit mode, it reverts to it’s animated state.

I know I can kind of eyeball it into position, but it seems like I should be able to set the aramture into an alignment mode then position the mesh and then turn off alignment mode and it all will line up.

Any hints are appreciated:confused:

search for the “rest position” button in the buttons window, in Pose Mode. It locks the armature on its edit mode form.


It took me a while to find the button, so I’ll let others know where it is located in the GUI IDE.

Select the armature.
Press F9.
It is located under Deform Options of the Armature TAB.