aligning object in viewport

when youi have let 2 planes at 90 degrees
if it is such that there is only a line you don’t see it
so how do you align 2 object sif you cannot see the 2 of them

is there a way to see lines ih viewports?


I think you’d better post a screenie.

see pic when unselected some plane are invisible on viewport
they are too thin?
so if you need to align at 90 degrees it’s difficult to see the invisible edge

is there a way to make it visible?

Press the Zkey to change to Wireframe mode. That will make your objects a little more visible, though it’s still not ideal. Do you need your planes to be separate objects? I would join them into one object; that way, you can see the vertices and edges in edit mode, no matter whether you are in solid view or wire view. You’ll also be able to join the verts in edit mode, if you want to.

I know of a few ways to work around this sort of problem:

You could place an empty at the same location as the plane, sort of using it as a landmark. For even more clarity, you could just parent the planes to empties and move the empties around.

Another way to do it would be to move the planes’ centers to the part of the mesh you want lined up, then either A) use Shift-S to snap them to the correct location, or B) click the Move object centers only box and then scale them.

I’m sure there are a half-dozen other methods floating around somewhere.

i needed to align the 2 edges of 2 planes
so i cannot relie on the center of the boject

i can select one and move it as per one of the axis but i need to see the other edge to push it exactly on the edge

unless there is another way to do this ?

this is one thing that should be in a script or as a new command
align 2 edges of 2 objects
i know how to do it but it’s a little long and faster to do it manually


No, seriously… You can totally rely on the object center. All you have to do is move the object center to the edge.

Select Edge
Shift-S “Cursor -> Selection”
Center Cursor button (near Center, and Center New)

that;s one way but this does not show the other plane either

so still at the same plae i was !


No, you’re not. You don’t need to see the planes in the viewport with this method. you can just snap them together, and they’ll line up perfectly. Please see screenshot.


ok may be there is an easy way - on the first object you center the cursor in the middle of the edge

then what!

do you need to joint the 2 objectsbefore ?