Aligning objects?

I would like to align several objects to another but am unsure what would be the most accurate and quickest way. I can do it by rotating each object but that is very fiddly and slow. A sample is below. The switch and nut should be aligned to the panel which is at an angle.

Thanks for any advice.


Depends where your pivot point is for each object, (origin). In the above example, if you have the pivot at the base of the nut and handle, you could use snap to face with projection active. Have a look on youtube, lots of helpful videos there. “blender snap object to face” search should get you what you need.

Thanks colkai. Will check them out.

Is that available in older versions? I use 2.8 but I am using an older version for this project because an exporter is not available for 2.8 yet.

Yep, 2.79 and even going back to 2.6 I think, it’s built in to Blender
Hope this helps…

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Thanks again. I wish I had found this site earlier. The help has been outstanding. I am also amazed how fast you guys are able to do something!

It’s a great community. :slight_smile: