Aligning Pivot / Cursor to object which is offset in rotation

Hi … so I have been been googling this and found nothing helpful about realigning the ‘local’ cursor / pivot point of an object so that it can be manipulated properly at it’s local co-ordinates. The cursor just stubbornly stay’s true to ‘global’ XYZ whether it’s local or not.

There has to be a way to change this … otherwise no one would ever be able to manage objects built by someone else that have been rotated to fit a scene. I can’t find any useful help on youtube or the net as no one has answered this rather obvious question.

I realize that one probably needs to align to a surface or edge. My problem is that I have a cylinder … (the bottom and main axis for an electrical swtich) … to which I’m trying to align the pivot point so that I can rotate the switch … but the rotation is totally screwed.

Please … for the sake of my knuckles which are getting VERY sore from punching the wall (to which I’m NEARLY through now) … can somebody please tell me what the hell I need to do here. And why there isn’t just a ‘Align Cursor / Pivot to object orientation’ in the menu.

Many thanks,

Create a custom Transform Orientation using a face you need your switch being aligned to, then navigate to Object > Transform > Align to Transform Orientation.