Aligning points?

Hi folks,

after some hours of snapping test, I can´t find a way to align snap points nearby another point.

In lightwave, I can do that with align, and in this case align to last points z-axis, so the first image is the end result I want.

I can also use the axis transate tool in Lightwave and middle mouse click and move the mouse till I get dotted guideline when that is aligned with the point of target, then release the tool and the points will snap aligned as they should be.

Just need to find a good way to do that without working with a defined grid in blender.

Again…first image is what I want as result after moving two points down to have a straight section.

Use these snapping settings:

Select the two verts, hold CTRL while moving them (or just enable the magnet icon), and, while moving them, hover over the desired vert. In recent versions you can also do that while sliding.

Thanks, but that is actually snapping one of the points to the point I hover over, that will distort everything and not aligning the points.

Or did I miss something?

Ah, constrain the axis when moving :slight_smile: Or, if sliding, constrain the appropriate edges with the C key.

I got it working anyway, by using the transform widgets, then it works, but not with “g” move only.

thanks for the other advice, will continue to learn that stuff…thank you very much for your fast reply, problem solved.

For it to work with the transform widgets, you need to pick the axis handle and not the middle of it that is the free transform.

G move is simply unconstrained by default, there are a couple of ways to constrain it. You may want to read up on the various options.

I know it was unconstrained, thus using middle mouse to try it out, didn´t work out the first time, but now when trying it again…Carefully, that works too.
You have to release the middle mouse while maintaining the constrain and let go once hovering over the desired target point.

If you’re on 2.91, apparently there’s an issue with the middle mouse constraining. It’s already fixed, but the fix is not in 2.91 (unless they make a bugfix release).

Ok, thanks for the warning, though I am not using 2.90, only 2.83 till they get those versions better worked out, both 2.90 and 2.91 feels to unstable in many situations.

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You can constrain move(G) with just a press on X,Y or Z (more reliable) and then snap to a vertex.

You can also use Scale(S) and the 3D cursor. Constrain it to the right axis and the press zero for no scale.

Thanks, that works too.

In your case axis constrained snapping is faster but the scaling method is good to know about. Works best when you want to align several points from both the positive and negative sides of an axis, like this.