Aligning the NURBs topology?

So, I am currently modeling with NURBs, which is great but I noticed that the wireframe tends to align ergonomic. So if you convert the mesh into Vertices it is hard to work and edit the mesh further. Speaking of topology it is much easier if at least one axis is aligned (see pictures below)

Well, it can be bypassed by creating a grid and placing it over the NURBs object with the snapping tool. However, this is not a perfect way and still needs to some fixing. It would be nice if there would be an automatic way :slight_smile:

why don’t you use splne curves instead !

then it will align well!


But Im not sure how you mean to get this working. Splines/Curves cant perform a surface as far as I know.

EDIT: Ive looked into it, I guess you mean the “Bevel Object” tool. However this works only with symmetric object, doesnt it?
Well my Object is only mirrored on one axis, so its not 100% symmetric, see the cross sections here:

look into wiki skinning boat or airplane using spline curves

don’t think you need to do it here with a nurb surface!


I found this:
It seems to work when there is no mirror modifier :smiley:

if symetrical then do only half copy and mirror curves then join and remove doubles

this is made to skin boat airplane ect…