Aligning vertices

Is there a way to align vertices in blender? e.g. On a subdivided plane, I’ve moved a vertex (from the subdivision) connected to two other vertices so that it is closer to one of them. This however makes the two edges connecting them unparallel (i.e. not straight). Can I realign them so that the two edges connecting them become a perfectly straight line?

holding control down snaps them. also see the magnet icon for aligning. there’s a tutorial on it on the wiki Tutorials page by itirx.

Quick way is to scale them along an axis to Zero. Like hit S then Z then keyboard zero to align them all the same z distance.

Hmmm, maybe a screencap can help explain my predicament.

Provided that the edges/vertices are supposed to run along an axis, either solutions you guys had given me would work, but as shown in the screencap, they don’t. As you can see (the selected edges/faces), my erratic subdivisionings and extrusions caused the edges to not run straight. What I need to do now is align them all by using the two extrememost ends as reference points so that all the other vertices would fall directly in line between these two points.

I’m more familiar with vector art, and afaik even with vector programs I couldn’t align several vertices without them ending up parallel with an axis. I don’t know if this is the same with blender or any 3D modelling softwares. If so, I’m wondering if I’m subdivisioning/extruding the wrong way :confused:

Btw, I couldn’t find the tutorial mentioned. I’m not sure I’m looking for it in the right place either :stuck_out_tongue:


oh yes, i’d been with these problem, in other cad programs you can extend points
o another line, plane etc, so you don’t get gaps between 2 objects.

I dream a day that blender has more snap tools …

so, i’d been using a combiantion cursor->selection, selection->cursor

first select vertex to align to (destination vertex) then SHIFT-S, an select

now select the vertex you want to move (be sure that it’s the olny selected)
press SHIFT-S again and selection-> cursor.

so, if you are trying to aling vertex of diferent objects ( fit object shape to another)
so you have to activate the object, select the more close vertex and move cursor… etc.

finally you can also select two vertex and do cursor->selection so you will get the middle point :wink:

that’s all for now.

Willington, you’re missing the merge function. Select two verticies and hit Alt+M to check it out.

yes, these are usefull for manually reduce the mesh, but if you need to align one edge to
another mesh ? how do you do ?

there is any way to move a set of vertex to one plane ? see the example


hey, just fund a way using the knife tool

i extend the object to cross the plane an the use knife using that plane and voila !

Aha! I knew someone would have a trick for it =D

There are still some limitations of course, but these will suffice for now.
Much thanks for sharing it out, Willington.

Smart!!! Thanks for sharing!

Have you looked at the Geom Tool script?

I found it a week or two ago when BlenderNation had a news post about it. If you’re doing technical, mechanical or precision modelling, it sounds like it would be just you’re looking for. Once the script is installed, it can be run on a mesh in editmode and has the following tools:

intersect: face/edges(s)
intersect: face/edges(s) (cut)
intersect: face/face(s)
intersect: face/face(s) (cut)
nearest plane: verts
align: verts
distribute & align: verts
distribute: verts

See my link for details on what each tool does. I hope this help. I haven’t used it a lot myself yet, but I know that when I will need it, I’ll be glad I have it.

Good Blendering to you all.

Way cool! Thanks for the link, enigmatic =D