Alignment is off (game engine)

Hi guys,

With the help of some great tutorials i’m trying to get myself familiar with the Blender Game Engine. Learned a lot already but some essential problems keep me puzzled. I’m experiencing the biggest problem with the ‘alignment’ of my character with the ground it is standing on. I have the feeling the position of the camera has influence on that. When i place the camera right above the character it looks like the character is lying in stead of standing. But when i align the camera sideways it seems to be standing up alright. But i have my doubts because when i navigate it around its own axis it makes a very weird circle.

I tried a lot of different things already, but no succes so far. Perhaps someone can help me to get this straight and make me understand what went wrong? I added the file into this post, plz ignore Suzanne. You can move my character around with arrow keys and shift for jump.

Thanx a lot.


I came to find i posted this topic in the wrong section, perhaps a moderator can move it to for me.