"Alike" Online Premiere

(Jason van Gumster) #1

If you haven’t noticed yet, that animated short Alike that showed at last year’s (2015) Blender Conference has had its online premiere today. It’s a great film, well worth watching… and yes, it was made with Blender.


(BigBlend) #2

Somewhat depressing. :frowning:

Edit: Brilliant short movie of course. :wink:

(Looch) #3

yes depressing is the fact that is so hard to create such a beautiful and compelling piece!, but also it’s inspiring

(ManuelGrad) #4

Such an awesome short! Congrats to everyone involved, really kickass work guys!

@Fweeb: Definitely top row material, don’t you think?

(Jason van Gumster) #5

Good idea. :slight_smile:

(SandraDau) #6

wow that was sooo amazing!!!

(The Omnilord) #7

What I don’t understand is that when I click on it from the top row, it took me to the other site. Wouldn’t it make more sense to link it to this thread and people can watch the video here on this forum? After all, for the other top row pics, we link to the Finished Products thread instead of the artist’s blog or their other personal sites.

(burnin) #8

Love the style.

Thought top row was reserved for authors/co-authors posting here :eyebrowlift2:

(theApe) #9

Brilliant short! Everyone working on it deserve to be proud of their achievement.

(Jason van Gumster) #10

Probably. I only recently got access (or was made aware that I had access) to updating the top row. Still figuring out how it works. I’ll see if there’s an easy way to update a URL.
EDIT: Fixed :smiley:

Occasionally the top row has been used for things that are Blender-related, but not directly associated with the forum. For example, I think the Blender Market launch was one of them.

(Hadriscus) #11

Yet another film about enslavement by “work” with bright colors to convey life and innocence and shades of grey to convey age and resignation, mute characters and the image of the city as a great catalyst of all things bad. Don’t take me wrong, both animation and rendering look fantastic (although they could have gone for something more varied than the plain clay look), but we’ve seen this exact combination of theme, scenario and art style twice a year for fifteen years… once again to end on a good note, the animation is super slick.

(Youssef Charles (يوسف تشرلز)) #12

I’ve been forward to this for a while now.

(Piet) #13

That`s so beautiful! Great great work!

(Youssef Charles (يوسف تشرلز)) #14

Now that’s just heart warming
good work on everyone involved in it

(erickBlender) #15

Touchy and well done. Congrats!

(Indy_logic) #16

Whoa… That looked amazing… Brilliant movie guys!

(Kologe) #17

True indeed. Hadnt it been for the great lighting & animation, I doubt Id even watched it till the end. I think the pacing was somewhat really sub-optimal and it (to me) started to feel somewhat repetitive about halfway into the short.
I started to literally think to myself “OK, ok, I really got it by now! Why is it repeating itself all over again after the 4:00 min mark?”
Mis-en-scene and framing are to be noted as well done, either, though.

greetings, Kologe



(Youssef Charles (يوسف تشرلز)) #19

Yeah I wont deny that it isn’t anything unique and the message is message I personally disagree with
but it’s well executed, and that’s all I can ask for in a movie, I’d rather it be a really well executed movie based on a theme thats done 1000 times than a movie that’s incomprehensible and poorly made but is supposedly “deep”
the same can be said for a lot of the other media I consumed that came out this year

(rombout) #20

Wow thats weird, i cant rate this thread, its already top row anyways :wink:

I saw it this morning and was very curious for the result couple months ago.
Really love!!!