Alkaline batteries - new one [Oct 31]

Finished this 3 days ago,
Modeled in blender, textured in gimp, rendered in indigo,
yafray version is coming up…




nice! I like how it gets darker in the background.

Nice models and textures, but the Indigo renderer just doesn’t cut it… Yes, it beats internal, but there’s way too much noise (and it takes forever to render)

Dude, the speculars came out amazing…
nice render.

thanks for the replies guys,

Yeori: thanks, that is a very simple setup with an infinite plane, cheers mate

Alden: yes, completely agree, but when I need realistic lighting, one can compromise on that front sometimes, thanks for the comment dude

magoseitor: thanks for that man

an update with a slightly different setup
check out the first post

c&c welcome