All About Patterns

Hi all,

A personal work. This is my attempt to create a loung room out of architecture academy.
Some model are from architecture academy, some are from chocofur (great models btw), some are mine.
The scene is lit only by hdri map.

C&C are always welcome.



another pic…


great space, nice details, and refreshing use of color! one tiny criticism is that the book bindings should be curved and not perfectly flat - but that’s a very small thing :wink: the pillows and other fabrics are really top notch!

yea, looks good:
-the roof is underfinished, spots needs coloring and a glass cover.
-the floor is good but a little bit reflective to my taste. otherwise nicely done.

Thanks for the comments “bat3a”.

Looks great, maybe the pot light’s housing should be a different colour than the rest of the ceiling.

Nice colour scheme - especially visible on the second image. :slight_smile: Maybe a little busy in colour - but I suppose that is partly as a result of the pattern theme. The branch bookshelf is a nice idea.

Hi guys, thanks for Your response.
*Kinryu- to be perfectly honest, I forgot to add a texture for the spot lamps :wink:
*Blender Matt- thanks.

I thought i recognized the room!!! hahaha i think you did a much better job than andrew (sorry for saying). I found his render way to blue and not so much convincing. This one really looks a lot more realistic. Great job!

Hello @paulina, This is really nice and beautiful environment. I would like to ask you about your render setup? How many samples you use. Actually when I look it closer - I see little bit of grainy noise, especially where white diffuse attached in corners. Well, I have same issue and I don’t know how to resolve it without post production.
It is about of resolution? or it is about of samples from your opinion? (question to all community)

One more time - beautiful works! :slight_smile:

*rombout- thanks for your kind words.
*ivaydesign- thanks :wink: I’m quite impatient on waiting for my renders so I let only one picture here to be finished at 2500 samples. It was the secont image in my first post, the one with less amount of noise. All others was made with 800-1500 samples wich was to little to achieve clear picture.
From my experience interior pictures required amount of samples higher than 2000, at least the more complex scenes.
And I always make sure that my scene is open, I never was able to achieve clear renders without opening the scene. So I separate my walls and put them on different layers and hide for render purpose one of them, making sure in advance that it shouldn’t be reflected in the glossy surfaces.
There is some new feature in blender- seed. It changes a bit noise grain while rendering, and in my opinion it helps a bit to reduce noise in dark corners. Although I’m not sure the real purpose of this tool (changing the noise pattern), it helps me that way.
There is also “clamp” tool. When You put its value to 4-5 it makes noise a lot less visible without flattening color.
Those are my tricks. If somebody have an idea how to make Your interior scene clear without opening it, I will be more than glad to hear it as well.
regards, paulina.