All actions are delayed???

Hello, fellow Blender users, I am relatively new to blender, and so far I have made a ceramic cup, and a wine glass. There is one pretty large problem though, whenever I do an action, like click, or type a number when sizing something, it is delayed by one action. For example, if I were rotating to the left by chunks, then stop rotating then zoom in, it would rotate once more then zoom in, then when I do something different from zooming, it zooms once more. Another example, when typing a number, like 1.05 for example, I first type “1” and nothing happens, then “.”, and one shows up, then “0” and then the “.” shows up, then I type “5” then the “0” shows up, then I press enter, THEN the last digit shows up. PLEASE HALP MEEE!!!

Maybe some problem with tripple buffering, try to change settings in File->User preferences->System->Window Draw method.