All actions must be repeated unless screencast addon is enabled

I’m using Windows 7 home on an Asus X54H laptop with Blender version 2.76b

The issue I am having that I cannot find a solution to is as follows-
Every command or input has to be done twice in order for Blender to recognize it. For example, adding text- when I first tab into edit mode there is no response, I have to right click somewhere on screen, or press a key that will not interfere with my process.
If I want my text to say “Blender”, and I type as such, I have “Blende” on screen. The same goes when naming files to save, or any other actions I perform. Loop cuts must be stopped one short in order to get the intended cuts, as an example. Just to clarify, this issue applies to all actions within Blender, not just text and loop, cut and slide. I haven’t had any issues with other programs, so I’m not sure what to do. I have tried reinstalling Blender also, and that did not fix the issue. The strangest part of this problem is that if I have the screencast keys add on enabled, the problem is resolved. Any advice on how to fix this would be appreciated, thanks in advance.