All add-ons ever made for the Video Sequence Editor


Toolboxes :

Power Sequencer -
A comprehensive toolbox of strip editing functions.

Blender Edit -
VSE bin ability, multi user project, and extra sequencer UI/operators.

VSE Quick Functions -
This script is designed to make Blender’s VSE easier to use by implementing features often found in other video editors. Includes: strip parenting, ripple editing, right-click context menus, automatic proxy generation, and much more.

Easy-logging -
De-rushing and tagging, 3 point editing, video editing by tags, share log and metadata, parametric video editing.

VSE Reworked -
Essential editing, selecting, transforming tools deeply integrated into a redesigned VSE UI.

Kino Raw Tools -
Huge tool compilation with navigation, markers, in/out, strip info, modifier clean up, menus, proxy tools, audio tools(+audio meter), exif info, eco, random, glitch etc.

ToolPlus -
Set of buttons with icons for edit tools. Located in the VSE menu header.
Tutorial -

Blender Velvets -
Generate proxies, modified interface, shortcut keys, export to Ardour.

Sun Tools -
Movie Manager, view and trim clips before import, A/V import as metastrip, Sort files, proxy import, Trim Tools. Docs:

Extra Sequencer Actions -
The Grandfather of all toolbox VSE addons. Download -

Multithreaded Export :

Parallel Render -
Using the UI, utilize all cores for as fast as possible export from VSE. Tutorial:

Blender Power Sequencer Render -
Standalone command-line tool for multithreaded export.

Export :
Export Settings - Video Converter
Control detailed export settings from panel in Sequence Editor.

Export CMX 3600 EDL -
For ex. Davinci Resolve, Lightworks, Final Cut Pro & Premiere Pro. Exports: video, audio and dissolves. Tutorial -

Export CMX 3600 EDL -
Only image sequences? Made for export to Davinci Resolve.

Export to Reaper/Samplitude/Vegas:

Basic exporter for Blender’s VSE timeline audio files to an EDL file that can be opened by Reaper, Samplitude, Vegas, and more.

Export Audio to Ardour -

Export VSE to Node Editor? -

Export Markers as Subtitles -

Export & Import of Markers -

Export Cameras -

Upload to YouTube -

Export Selected:

Export Selected Strips -

Export Selected Audio Strips -

Export Selected Frames -

Import :

Import & Export of Animated GIF -

Import & Export of Audacity Labels: Audacity labels to Timeline Markers script.
For ex. Beat detection in Audacity and import in Blender.

Import Images -
Load properly scaled image strip respecting transparency and proportions.

Import Subtitles(.srt files) -

Import From Freesound Audio Library -

Import File Batch & Add Crossfades -

Import EDL -

Import Final Cut Pro X Markers -

Set Import Settings-
Change the defaults ex. modification date, thumbnails and tiny. Docs:

Strip Effects :

VSE Transform Tools -

Edit Strip With Compositor -

Natron Connect -
Tutorial -

Mask O’Matic -
Set up a basic mask and mask modifier for a single sequence editor strip.

Motion Blur -
Tutorial -

Echoes - VSE Addon: eco
Layered and offset strips with opacity.

Strip Alignment -
Align strips to edge of frame.

Slideshow Scripts - [VSE] Scripts for creating Slideshows / Adjusting image ratio / pans / zooms
Adjust image ratio / pans / zooms.

LUT Curve Editor -
For the Node Editor.

Auto Color -
Adjust lift/gamma/gain across multiple strips

Roundtrip Strip -
Open a VSE strip’s source audio/video in an external editor like Audacity or Avidemux.

Loop Strip -

Correct aspect ratio -

Process image strip -

Process strip in ffmpeg and maybe imagemagick -

Strip Editing:

Cut Smash -
Cut, ripple, lift, remove and markers etc.

Cut Every Nth Group -
Cut a sequence into framecount groups and remove every nth group.

Lengthen and Separate Sequences -
Move selected sequences apart, lengthening them and leaving a gap.

Frame Splitter -
Cut one sequence into one lengthened, separated sequence per frame. Made for manual frame-by-frame animation.

Meta Strip Unpack & Repack -
Separate metastrip, add new strips or perform ops, then pack metastrip.

Shuffle Strips -
Reorder selected strips. Intended to give random variation to cycled sequences.

Add, Delete & Edit Transitions -
Add and manage fade, scale, slide, rotate in/out transitions through transform strips.

Generate :

Optical Lens Flare VSE -

Hand Drawn Strokes & Writing -

Stopwatch Timer -

QuickTitling -
Generate static or animated titles (or CGs) using text, basic 3d objects, images and videos.

Letterbox -

Frame Number as Subtitle -

Cinebars -

Link Text to Subtitle -
Adds a section on the text properties panel from which you can link the text object to the sequencer text strips.

Audio :

Sampler Builder -
Import m3u playlist, Adjust gain, Mixdown, Create Sampler, Pair, Scope, Shrink Gap.

Sync Audio -
For syncing external audio with your crappy camera audio.

Audio to Markers -
Bake audio data and an interactive tool to place timeline markers which can be used for many things like music animation or video editing.

Auto Volume -
Adjust volumes to fixed value for multiple sequences.

Mass Volume -
Use master volume to multiply volumes across sequences.

Audio Toggle Button -
Fast toggle for Audio in Timeline header

Properties :

Use Resolution from Strip -

Reset Aspect Ratio -

Extract MediaInfo data -
Tutorial -

Cinematic Aspect Ratios -


Velvet Revolver Folder batch generation and proxy switching -

Batch Proxy Properties -

Audio Proxy -

Scene Strips :

VSE Camera Switching in 3D View(2.79) -
Tutorial -

Dynamic Slideshow -
Generate slideshow in 3D View and import to VSE. Docs -

Camera Dolly and Crane rigs -

Pro Camara Formats -

Camera Switcher and Bind to Marker -

Camera Markers to Scene Strips -
For converting bind-to-markers-cameras to VSE-scene-strips.

Add Camera from Viewport and Camera Selector -

Markers :

List of Markers -
Adds a list of Markers in the Scene, and add some extra features to them.

Select Markers -
Left, right, all and none.

Copy Markers to this Scene -

Marker Preview Video -

Organize :

Find Strips by Name or Type -
Find and display relevant media sequence strips from the Blender VSE. Built to catalog assets and display them for copyright/fair use documentation.

Collect All Files -
Blender Addon to collect all used external files from a project, including video files. BA:

Multicam :

Multicam Tools -


Strip Properties Clean Up -

Channel Tools -
Color, hide, mute, select, volume change entire channel.

Center Image -
Centers VSE preview.

Toolshelf Category hiding on-the-fly -

Toogle Strip Modifiers On/Off -

Mute Modifiers -

Mute / unmute all VSE strip modifiers. Useful if modifiers are slowing down video previewing.

Display Active Image Strip’s Name -
When seeking through an image sequence, display the active strips’ file name
for the current frame, and it’s playhead.

Current/end time -
Display current/end time as SMPTE on Timeline Header.

Final Resolution -
Displays a “Final Resolution” label in render settings.

Path Editor -
Setup for path for sounds, path for clips, path for sequence videos and path for texts.

Set Import Settings-

Change the defaults ex. modification date, thumbnails and tiny. Docs:

Full Screen Preview -

Avid Edit Functions - Insert, overwrite, cut all channels, ripple trim etc. Download link:

Select Left/Right/Current -

Timeline playback controls in Sequencer Header -

Shortcut Keys:

Numpad Playback Controls -

Final Cut Pro & Premiere Pro -

VSE Shortcuts -
H : Hide / Unhide function (with the same key). Q, S, D : JKL-like function (moving backward (fast backward), stop, forward (fastforward)). Alt+Arrow to move Clip (up, down, right, left), Alt-Shift + Arrow to move by ten units (only left and right). I / O : Setup IN / OUT. Shift I / O : Goto IN / OUT

Jump X Frames -
Jump X Frames with Shift Up/Down in Timeline.


Import Timed Fountain Screenplay and Draw Storyboard -
Can export the timed dialog to srt subtitle files which can be imported with the srt import add-on and cameras one pr. drawing can be converted to scene strips with the camera markers to scene strips add-on.


Sequencer Pie Menu Template -

General Template w. Menu, Panel and Shortcut -
Description -

Multifiles Template -


Comprehensive Manual(in French) -

Sequencer Manual -

Video Editing Basics -

Sequencer Manual(Old?) -

Dev:Source/Sequencer -

Internal functions -

This collection list was created by the Video Editing in Blender Sequencer Facebook Group.


Holy guacamole, I’d never have guessed there are so many add-ons purely for the VSE! :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

Thanks for sharing!


This list will earn a lot of WOWS!

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holy crap, lmao. Yes, that is indeed alot of addons. thank you!

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Wow, I thought I knew a lot of addons. But this is … speechless here.

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How many of these are 2.8x compatible? I’ve dl’ed a couple but they don’t seem to work in 2.8x. Impressive list, less-than-impressive results. Just sayin’.

If there is a script you’re in need of, you could try to update it using this add-on: Or you could let the coders know that you have an interest in their add-on.

This one is a must-have and updated for 2.8+:

Thanks for the links, @tin2tin . I will try your Update Check but I’m afraid even if it does find any incompatibilities I certainly wouldn’t know how to fix them (99% Python-ignorant as I am). I suppose asking the authors of the add-ons certainly would be the way to go but the ones I’m interested in are at least two years old and appear abandoned.

Regarding the VSEQF add-on, I was already looking at that. It seems interesting enough to at least play around with! Cheers!

If you copy/paste and run this script in the blender text editor, you’ll find pretty img in the VSE sidebar under Misc:

If you want to install it instead change the version number to 2.80 in this file:

The reset aspect ratio script also works, all you need is to change the version number.

Well, you are the man! :+1: Changing the version number in both of these addons allow me to use them…as scripts, which honestly is better than nothing.

I tried installing both (Preferences > Add-ons > Install) and once installed changed the version numbers in my addons folder but “Pretty Image” throws an error and “reset aspect ratio” doesn’t even show up. Time to stop bugging you (and the followers of this thread) and start asking the developers themselves. In any case, thanks for all your help, @tin2tin! :heart:

One last note: I did install VSEQF and so far it is pretty nice! Thanks again for the tip!

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