All Alone

High Res here

Rendered with both Cycles and Blender Internal (just for the volumetrics that were composited in afterwards)

Some people prefer it without the dude… so here’s a render of that

Tutorials: Part 1 > Part 2 > Part 3 > Part 4 > Part 5 > Part 6 > Part 7
(unlinked parts to follow)

I would very much like to know your settings for the volumetrics cause i think they look great

look good, like a wedding scene.

If I had any crits the plates and knives and forks look a little bit flat.

technically they’re to scale in all 3 dimentions, so I guess the lighting is to blame… but I’ll see what I can do.
Going to re-render tonight (as it takes 16 hours) and remember this time to set the jpg quality to 100%

So what’s wrong with architectural renders?
( :wink: just teasing)
Nice atmosphere and modelling! I’ll love to look again tommorow to see the details better. I was wondering if that was bad compression, cycles bug or some artistic filter :slight_smile: looking forward for the tutorial too!
Apart for the plates as pointed out, maybe some centerpiece for the tables would complete the look? but not too festive centerpieces so it doesn’t spoil the “lonely” mood.

image on first post updated with this one

haha! the little lonely guy moved closer :slight_smile: nice image

Looks really good, nice mood!

Great render, but the unrealistic human ruins it.
This would make a much better image if you had his back facing the camera, on the table closest to the camera.

But otherwise, great lighting.

Going to re-render tonight (as it takes 16 hours) and remember this time to set the jpg quality to 100%

Just in case you don’t know, you can change the format and other related settings even after you render.

EDIT: OK, that holds for BI only, haven’t tried cycles.

Due to the nature of cycles and it’s frequent crashes, I thought it would be best to save the render before compositing just in case. And of course it did crash, so I just loaded the saved (@90%) image.
But the updated image was saved at 100%.

I really can’t believe I didn’t think of that one… well I’ll do that (among other things like the floorboard texture) and render it when I feel I’ve regained enough sleep (or it gets warm enough here to sleep somewhere else!)

I think the man actually ruins it…

Greg, regardless of whether you chose to leave the man in it or not: I really like where you’re going with this piece.

Just for grins, I’d like to see what it looks like with the man facing the other way, too.

I can appreciate the amount of effort you’ve put into this one. Nicely done!

I think the man worked well as you had first imagined it, in the far side of the room, if you make it be just a little bit more easy to spot; only it seems to me he doesen’t match well the scene (I mean the Magritte look). Maybe without the hat?

I’m going to try a little compositing just now on an the old render to see if it works with him in the back, but brighter… otherwise it’ll just have to be finished

nope :stuck_out_tongue: doesnt work. I guess it’s done then!

You could always have him standing at the farthest window, that way he is lit up yet not close enough to see he’s not as realistic as he could be

I think the man ruins it because he should be a lot bigger. But he also does look strange alone.

Now that’s an interesting idea… maybe I’ll render when i get the time

I like the little man! His right hand is awkwardly positioned, otherwise he’s fine and fits the mood very well. The image isn’t photorealistic, it works on a more symbolic level. For that reason I’d crop closer, lose some of the space that looks unfinished. All in all, wonderful.

I cant decide :stuck_out_tongue: some people like the dude, some people hate him… so here’s a no-dude render
And Part 1 (of 7) of the tutorial is here.
Part 2