All animations are not exporting in .glb format?

Hello everyone, so I am very new to blender and started learning it Miziziziz’s ps1 graphics tutorial. I found animation in blender very overwhelming for a noob like me, with the NLA, dope sheet, action editors, etc and all the settings in them, I understood none of them.

So I just followed the tutorial and created 7 animations in action editor and exported the model in .glb format. But when I reimport the model I get only four of the animations.
Its necessary that I export it as .glb format.

I asked this question in stackexchange yesterday but got no response. Here’s the link to the post.

Here’s the file if you want to look into it.


The Blender documentation has a section on how to ensure that your scene can export to glTF. It looks like only some of your actions are marked as NLA tracks, which is probably why others are not exported.


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