All blender games 11 years celebration (2009 - 2019) 🎉

(In advance: this is exactly the same ironic throwing of wood into the fire): this, of course, is on the conscience of the author of this game, but if you go according to the chronology of comments on his channel.

From the first to the last video, everywhere he replies directly what he copied and from where, either completely (for example, the Bloom effect, which he took from this local forum), or was inspired by the instructional video. But the truth is that he only showed such sincerity in the comments, and then only when someone directly asked about it: “This guy had it, why not give credit to this old man?”

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LOL lets be honest, if anything created ; it has only been borrowed from years of knowledge from the forums and resources contributed and given by many artists and dev’s, i wouldn’t lie to you guys, im not a master brainer, im just like any ordinary person except i’ve got ambition that’s all hence why i run projects in UPBGE. True Experience is earned through years of using and learning the Engine’s capabilities that is what guarantees our true skills!
(I can’t guarantee anyone anything yet, i guess yau’ll will just have to wait for all the “FREE” Goodies i have to give cheerfully back to the Community!)

if people hide behind their comments on You Tube they may be shy to be on the forums for fear they know that they’ll be exposed. they want to take all credit for themselves… THATS THE HARSH TRUTH!

A Solo Game Developer: (#UPBGE GameDev/ Godot GameDev/ Unreal…)
Personally, i choose to give credit to the one who carry’s out the game from start to finish and who releases it as he or she intended it to be; that is the REAL credit earned and deserved by the developer! (It shows the Blood Sweat and Tears they went thru to make it in the 1st place)

we can’t have it any way else… i don’t mind, even if people give me credit for my projects i will always accept their praise and criticism, i will always personally give credit to all those who contributed to helping me get this far and achieve something…


Updates: (From my part before i can roll out new stuffs!)

Apologies for the Delay Again! Ohh myy, i will do my best to not lapse Deadlines again,
Anyways before i can start rolling some Beautiful 2021 Stuffs I’ve been working on i decided to do a Little RECAP Video !!!
Just to remind long time returning viewers since it has been so long, I’m just setting stage for everything new 2021.

Otherwise New content is already on its way just be a Little More patient!




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Hey thanks @lordloki_reloaded what are your personal thoughts so far, id like to see your reactions so far :grinning: :+1: :cowboy_hat_face:


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#Also Coming Soon to UPBGE! (TBW #An UPBGE Game!)

Unreal Engine 4 seems to be milking it out nicely already, however we in UPBGE are not yet quite as ready but we too will get to that point as well im only halfway through with my stuff so far but only time will tell.

TBW - Recent Update!


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It is awesome the evolution of the games done with UPBGE since years ago until now +1000


True that bud, I’m curious what people are going to be working on from this point onwards every new project all the noobs and newbies coming in.

That’s what makes me so happy, UPBGE needs more games :sunglasses::+1: (Less Tech Demos)



Amazing, very talented developer.
So many fun ideas and cool games… Very inspiring.

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yeah man Im also just as inspired by all these works here, precisely the exact reason for this thread on the forums!!!

to revisit & to re-acknowledge all works done on UPBGE/ BGE…


Coming Soon!

On its WAY Soon!



Wow - Mr. Fred K.S this UPBGE based on Blender 2.79? is it serious? tell me what kind of updates happened there - just very curious :wink:, the interface is similar to what is in blender version 2.8 and higher - fine :grin:


it’s an update to upbge from 2.79, i can’t say all the improvements because i haven’t put it down on paper, clearly after the release i’ll take note :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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yes i know, just curios what updates happened there, maybe this new nodes or somebody all :smiley:

you can check here

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thank you :+1:


Nice work on the upcoming @rafael13 Thanks so much for the new comit’s am looking forward to testing it as soon as its out buddy!


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Here’s an OLD UPDATE Guys!

Just posted this here for those of us who haven’t seen yet.


SILICONE 2 - ver 2.0 Update Steam REVIEW!

The ‘BIG’ The ‘Bad’ and the 'Ugly!'

Brutally Honest Review :sunglasses: :cowboy_hat_face:
by Fred/K.S

Here is the Original Game back on BGE i played!
The Game Plays better TBH, and has the best features Gameplay Wise, visuals are okay for what it is, its BGE so yeah.

PT 2 Showcase!

Features Include:

  • You can Couch :white_check_mark:
  • You can Jump :white_check_mark:
  • You Can Lean :white_check_mark:
  • You can sprint :white_check_mark:
  • You can drive to your destination (Enter Exit Vehicles) :white_check_mark:
  • Reload is good :white_check_mark:
  • Health depletes and never recovers automatically :white_check_mark:
  • Gameplay is stable and smooth :white_check_mark:
  • AI TTK (Time To Kill Increased) :white_check_mark:
  • Recoil is good :white_check_mark:


  • Game crashes on loading screens :pinching_hand:


Yeah My favourite build is the Old BGE one nothign surpasses this build for me!
Im hoping he makes a Silicone 3 completely either in a new Engine or in UPBGE.

REVIEW 2021 Fred/K.S

So i downloaded the steam version Update!

Silicone 2 Update ver 2.0 - (GODOT Build)

Sadly the performance on GODOT is terrible, the game stutters all the time on my machine, and the lighting isnt the best but so far the game does receive quite good visuals and updated animations and textures, he should call it more of a remaster than an Update!

The New Main Menu sucks badly wooahh, i prefer the old one!

Video Clips:

Main Lvl

New Main Menu Update (Not the best design!)

So Yeah These are the days and years of REMAKES and REMASTERS!


Doesn’t mean that pretty visuals make for the best gameplay experience, i believe that UPBGE by far eclipses the graphics of GODOT! with what we’ve seen in todays games!
All thanks to our Node Editor, as for BGE i cant speak much but in terms of final gameplay elements the BGE version remains the best, unless he properly fixes the Update version.

Known Issues:

  • No Crouching feature (Has been removed) :x:
  • No Jumping feature (Has been removed) :x:
  • No Leaning Lean (Has been removed) :x:
  • No sprinting (Has been removed) :x:
  • You cannot drive any vehicles in this game (Has been removed) :x:
  • Reload is good (Is much quicker) :x:
  • Health recovers automatically (No Death) :x:
  • Gameplay is buggy and clunky slow on physics :x:
  • AI TTK vastly increased (Time To Kill Increased) :x:
  • Recoil is okay :x:

Silicone 2 Review 2021 - The Update which was made in GODOT dropped earlier this year on steam!


[Which one wins? Gameplay Wise? Graphics Wise? Stability Wise?]

Definitely the BGE build of the game, for me!
Oh Hail BGE! :sunglasses: :+1: