All Blender ICONS, who knows better?

Could not find it back, I got somewhere here a script to show all ICONS of Blender 2.5
but the corresponding source does not work anymore in SVN 31095
Sorry author :)!

Trying to understand I got it working but only as ‘addon’
If not an addon the icons list is not available in and for the Panel operator

WHO KNOWS to overcome this problem???

Because I compile myself i have the UI_icons.h file
Adjust or camouflage with # and remove the # in a line under! line 17 18 in the source.

I could not open a project for ‘my’ connect addon (some not understood error :confused:), where the wiki and bug-tracker point to
So that should be adjusted too!

#copyright GPL by  PKHG 
bl_addon_info = {
    'name': 'addicons',
    'author': 'PKHG',
    'version': '0.1',
    'blender': (2, 5, 3),
    'location': 'objectpanel',
    'description': 'show icons!',
    'warning': '', # ???used for warning icon and text in addons panel
    'wiki_url': '',
    'tracker_url': '',
    'category': 'Abracadabra'} #works ;-)
# retrieving the masterlist with all icon names
import bpy
    import urllib.request
    file = urllib.request.urlopen('file:\\\C:/BlenderSVN/blender/source/blender/editors/include/UI_icons.h')    
    #file = urllib.request.urlopen('')
    print("Couldn't find the urllib module or was unable to connect to the internet")
    file = False
if file:
    lines = str('\
    lines = []

# get the icon names of existing non-blank icons
icons = []
for l in lines:
    if l[:9] == 'DEF_ICON(':
        n = l.strip().split('(')[1].split(')')[0]
        if n[:10] != 'ICON_BLANK':

# create custom operator for each icon
def printdoc_invoke(self, context, event):

for i in icons:
    c = type(i,(bpy.types.Operator,),dict(bl_idname="ICONDISPLAY_OT_"+i, bl_label="ICONDISPLAY_OT_"+i, bl_description=i))
    setattr(c, 'invoke', printdoc_invoke)

# draw the panel with the icons
class OBJECT_PT_icons(bpy.types.Panel):

    bl_space_type = "PROPERTIES"
    bl_region_type = "WINDOW"
    bl_context = "object"
    bl_label = "All icons"
    def draw(self, context):
        amount = 10
        cols = []
        layout = self.layout
        split = layout.split(percentage=1.0/amount)
        for i in range(amount):
        for i in range(len(icons)):
            col = cols[i%amount].row()
                col.operator("ICONDISPLAY_OT_"+icons[i], text="", icon=icons[i])
                col.operator("icondisplay_OT_"+icons[i], text="new")

def register():
def unregister():
if __name__ == "__main__":