All classic rockers unite! Rate the Dutch Rock station

Hello all,

Every Dutch person who adores classic rock knows: Arrow Classic Rock.
October is Rocktober, and therefor an list of rock classic has been put up.

Arrow Rock 500 (2009)

How do you like this list?
Would you place a certain song in a different place?

And now the most important:

It requires no knowledge of the Dutch language, it’s an direct link.

I would, for example, place the song on number 1 to place 4 and place 9 on 1.

I absolutely love Pink Floyd.
Whaaah, niceeeeeee, dr000l :smiley:

No. 144 sould be No. 2, and No. 7 should be No. 1.

Mwa, your choice.
Certainly not mine.
Although nothing against Hotel California, its a beautiful song.