All controls gone after restart.

I downloaded and installed blender and ran the program and it seemed to be working. Then I tried to use help to view the hot keys list.
I couldn’t see anything but a small message talking about a textbox on the header window with the help menu button.
I quickly got lost trying to see the text and finally ended up with a screen showing a directory listing. Since I couldn’t figure out how to get back to the original screen.
I quit and restarted. Now I get the 3D view port and the windows where the controls should be but there are no controls in any of the windows.
If I click on the + in the upper right of the 3D view I get the controls for “transform”
and grease pencil. but there is nothing else available. I don’t have any menus either.

I tried reloading and the auto start from the install screen worked fine. I closed blender and restarted and the controls were gone again.

Any suggestions as to how to get back the default setup?? or keep the python window open after blender closes?

running Blender2.57, python3.2 on windows Vista

Search for the file “startup.blend” in your system and delete it, then you get back the factory settings.

Cheers, mib.