all files have no faces!

any idea what would cause ALL my blender files i made to lose all their faces?
the default starter cube file is okay
even when i copy them to another old computer - faces still missing.
win 7/64

no - but this problem affected all files!
UPDATE! i fixed 2 programs on another computer.
put them on a thumb drive
back on the first computer- no faces.

Do all machines use the same version of Blender?

Not sure if I understand your latest edit: You fixed some of the defective .blend files on another machine, transfered them back to your main PC and the faces were gone again? Do the faces in the fixed files still show up on that other machine, then?

Could you please try to re-install Blender on your main machine? Make sure to also delete (Backup!) the user preferences files and report back if that had any influence.

i will probably put 2.69 onto the main computer.
old one had very old blender 2.4somthing. no faces.
put 2.69 on it - still no faces.

Let me sum that up (find it hard to follow your very brief statements…):
You fixed some of the defective files on an old Blender 2.4x version. When you open that fixed files, the faces are missing again, even if you open them with the very same 2.4x version you fixed them with. Correct?

Well, first of all it is not a good idea to switch files between pre- (<2.63) and post-BMesh (>=2.63) versions. The geometry module is so fundamentally different that a file interchange means calling for trouble imho.

What puzzles me, though, is that the faces are gone even on the old computer with the old Blender version you fixed them with. The same weird problem across several PCs and completely different versions of Blender? That would indicate the problem either sticks to the file or the user…:wink:

What happens if you create a new scene (doesn’t have to be complicated), save that and reopen it: Do the faces stay put? Does appending (Shift-F1) the meshes to a clean scene make any difference?

i have installed 2.69 on the old and the new computers.
on either when i open the old files - none have faces.
when i open the fixed files on either computer they still have their faces.