All function doesn't work


The ALL function in the dropdown list from game engine section doesn’t work anymore, any fix for this?

Hmm, can you be a bit more specific please?

ok go to forum homepage

select category from dropdown, now select all in the second dropdown. this wont work and it will say no more topics.

or anypage select a subtopic, then when loaded select ALL, it will tell you no results.

tested it at coding forum, but noticed it a week ago at game engine section, thought maybe a patch bug, but it’s still not working.

Hmm, you mean like this? Does this fail in other browsers or in a private window for you too?

Yes to both, it does not work. tested in chrome and edge

you have now: coding -> all(all being default loading page, this works)

Now change all to whatever is in the list…works…now select all again, it fails, or go to game engine and select all it instantly fails.

I tested several things, but still can’t reproduce this. Can you provide a screen recording of what you see?

A recording please, not a single image. I want to see exactly what you do to get here.

There is no video needed for this, just change the ALL to something else and change back to ALL, that’s it.

Is it enough or do you really need a video? because what i said in 1 post above is exactly what i do/did.

It’s enough, but I’m afraid I haven’t had time to look in to it yet.

It took a while, But from the time BA servers where up again today, it works again, thanks.

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Great! Sounds like today’s update contained a fix then :slight_smile: