All grease pencil renders as black

I’m trying to create a 2D animation. Upon rendering the project I noticed that only the color black was being rendered. For example, if I drew something as white or red, it would just turn those marks black when rendered.

Here’s an example, on the left is the original and the right is the render.

Welcome to BA :slight_smile: turn off “use lights”, it’s a checkbox, on your grease pencil materials

Hi, thanks for the welcome! I tried turning off the “use lights” option, but it didn’t seem to change anything. I should also clarify that it’s not the entire screen becoming black, but only places where i drew. Blank canvas is still white.

According to this screenshot, that is expected behavior.
You enabled Vertex Colors in brush settings.

Instead of green by default, you set vertex color to black.

In Solid display mode, influence of vertex color is ignored.That is reason why you see white strokes, although you are drawing black ones.
That is why 2D animation template is set to Material Display mode, by default.

To solve the issue, you can switch to vertex paint mode, open Paint menu > Reset Vertex Colors.
To draw white strokes, again, you need to enable material color (material ball icon) in brush settings.

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Hi, drawing with material color instead of color attribute worked! I just had to redraw the colored parts. I also realized i can use the Z menu to see what it looks like rendered.

I should be good now, but what do you mean by vertex paint mode? I can’t seem to locate the “paint menu”. Thanks!

Your Grease Pencil drawing is an object.
By default, it is set to Draw mode.
But you can set it to Object mode, Edit mode, Sculpt mode, Weight Paint mode and Vertex Paint mode.