All Hail Caesar!

I decided to fight back my fear and incompetence and try to model a human head for the first time. I started this project pretty late at night and didn’t have anyone to take perspective pictures of to use as my model (nor did I wish to model myself). So I googled a bit and found two pretty good pictures of the same bust of Julius Caesar.

Here is the first days worth of work.

What I think works: The nose, I think I got the nose pretty good.
What doesn’t: You name it, the chin, the eyes, the wrinkles on the face, the forehead, etc.

Oh yeah, the ears are wayyyyyyyyyyy off, but this is a WIP.

C&C please:eyebrowlift:

looks good, just spotted that top lip is too defined - on original pic its smoother to the space below the nose… keep at it though - put a laurel wreath on his head - that helps to id him as ceasar :slight_smile:

It mostly looks accurate, but the ears on the model are a bit mishaped.