all hail Cpt. Blender..

this is captain blender from the book “character animation in blender”…
i did not follow the tutorials except for little help now and then, for the most part i did it myself.
so tell me what do you think?

Very nice,I think his head could use a little color. By the way very accurate model, I have the book.

The hands look a bit long to me. Also, his groin area could use a little more contour, and his lower thigh seems kind of skinny. Overall he is pretty cool, and I really like his head. Also, I recently rigged a character in 2.58, and may I reccomend the corrective shape keys add-on, which I was very pleased with for stuff like shoulder deformations. If you do, be sure to assign vertex groups to those keys, so they can work independantly of one another.

umm…shape keys? could you suggest a tutorial?

Corrective shape keys require an addon now? A tutorial or even a blog post running through the new way would be appreciated.

At any rate, good job with your model so far. There is no shame in reading through the tutorials though as you have the book for a reason. :slight_smile: I only bring this up because I used to get all proud about modelling things without reference, until I realised how much better my work got by paying close attention to references, in depth tutorials, etc.

Are you actually planning to do more texturing, rigging etc? It’s all good fun.

yes…i am trying to learn advanced texturing and rigging…