All hands on deck!

I’m currently starting production of an animated series called “Black Titan”, for it to be set for its initial release in Spring 2022. Black Titan is a Sci-Fi animated series about an unidentified man, who is only known as “Black Titan”. Based in Tokyo, Japan, Black Titan is a crime fighter who lives by 3 rules: Kill thy enemies, Kick ass, and Pop open a cold one after a long day of work*. HELP IS WANTED!! If you want to help with this project:

email me: [email protected]

Join the discord:

Follow the black titan official Instagram page:

ALL HELP IS NEEDED. I’m only 15, so I can’t pay you atm, but once we hit big, everyone involved will earn a payday. Please help me prove my friends wrong, they said that “this isn’t going to get you nowhere”


Why do you think your idea would succeed

I do not cooperate because I am involved in many projects but I am sure you will succeed

No worries

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Because it will!! The storytelling, the amount of hours i’m putting into this idea. There’s no way it CAN NOT succeed

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