All Ipo curves

Short and sweet.

I’ve been in the midst of studying animation for school and have come up across two questions.

  1. Is there a way to edit every ipo curve for each control bone simultaneously?

  2. Will there be a feature later in blender to set ipo curves to initially be of a certain type?
    For example: I like to work in constant in order to block everything out.


  1. yes, the Action Editor.
  2. Constant is already the default.

Should of said ipo type, didn’t have blender in front of me.

in the AE, a single diamond represents however many ipo channels are set, which could be like all the loc’s, the rot’s and scales, so like 10 ipo channels and three types. If by types you mean a constraint ipo and pose ipo, all viewable and editable together, not afaik.